Home Delivery Image

Home Delivery

Downsview Market grocery home delivery services. We are now bringing the groceries to our customers on the same day order is placed. Our home delivery service allows our customers to select to save time and money. It depends based on the distance from 0-15 Km currently, our home delivery service only covers 15km from our store. learn more

Home Delivery Range And Price

Home Delivery Range

Home Delivery Fee/ Home Delivery Zone

Home delivery range is within 15 KM of the store. For delivery beyond the range, please contact us before placing the order. Home delivery fee will be based on the address and it will be available before checkout

Home Delivery fee

0-5 km $5
5-10 km $7
10-15 km $9
15+ km please call for rate

Points And Reward System

Point rewards

Coasters earn the points that may be redeemed on next purchases within the store.


Downsview Market Pickup

Downsview Market not only offers a Home Delivery Service Downsview Market also offers a pickup service, we are ready to pick, pack and deliver the order within the customer’s designated time frame with a 10 percent price off discount.

Other Options

Tobacco and Cigar

Downsview Market proudly offer a variety of cigars and brands Tabacco, and Tabacco Accessories. we stand by our products and service and guarantee your satisfaction in all aspects of doing business with us.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 19 years to purchase tobacco products in Ontario. We do not sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 19 years. By purchasing tobacco products from us, you are agreeing to abide by this policy and stating that you are 19 years old or older, and may indeed legally purchase tobacco products.

Fruits and Vegetables

Shopping around Downsview Market’s selection of fruits and vegetables to get nutrient-rich greens vegetables like tomato , potato, cucumber and onion for salads and side dishes which provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.

Fresh fruit like apples and oranges, bananas and different kinds of burry satisfy your sweet tooth while adding to your nutrition levels. .Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great way to improve your nutrition.


Downsview Market acknowledges that people come together in establishments to socialize whilst drinking. food and drink are often paired together to enhance the taste experience we provide common types of Beverages include juice, energy drink , pop and water

Dairy and Package meat

Downsview Market helps you Enrich your meals with dairy and Package meat from our store grocery aisles. Choose from a vast array of cheeses , Marc angelo genoa salami for everyday snacking or party food.

Fresh milk and cream work great for numerous recipes and cooling down your morning coffee, while rich, tasty butter enlivens toast and adds flavor to numerous meat and vegetable dishes. both for at home and on the go
farm-fresh eggs bring some protein to your breakfast and moisture to cakes and desserts.


Confectionery comprises two main groups: sugar products and chocolate products. Downsview Market provides famous brand confectionery from chips , candies to chocolate, and chewing gum 

Discovering a variety of favorite products and essentials ready to be delivered to your door Grocery Switching to online shopping could enjoy big savings with coupons on the everyday items you use. Buying online is just one of the ways you can save on your shopping. Even though you aren’t in a store the urge to click on those eye-catching items could still push you to the edge of your budget. You can now choose to visit your local store to shop or browse from your phone or desktop. there is just your way. Happy shopping! All-purpose flour Breakfast cereal Grains & Bread

Ice Cream

Downsview Market also carries many brands of ice cream like Haagen-DazsDreyer’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnumand Plus, much more flavor iterations in our store, numerous chocolate and peanut butter ice creams which keep your sweet tooth satisfied.


Downsview Market offers a variety of food such as a cookie which is a perfect afternoon snack, There are many gourmet cookie brands available at our store , people prefer a crunchier cookie and others prefer a softer, fresh baked texture based on personal preference

Drug product

Downsview Market offers various types of drug products because we always put the costumer health and safety top priority, and we give you great value on all of the products that you buy at our store: medications, vision drop other health care products