Pall Mall Special XL Smooth 20 Carton


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Pall Mall Special XL Smooth Cigarettes Overview


Want longer smoke time? smooth and strong taste? premium taste? then this product is for you. Downsview Market and Convenience guarantees that you will be satisfied with this product as this brand is one of the most trusted and famous brands of cigarettes, the smoky, fumy, tobacco smell of this product is unlike others, it is simply gorgeous and outstanding. Experience the smooth and premium moment or better yet share this moment with your friends, we are sure that they will like it.

Pall Mall Special XL Smooth cigarettes are filtered, they have a smooth and strong taste, but the key to it’s success is longer smoke time with a better, softer, pleasant taste. Every single cigarette is flavour packed and made tightly with tobacco making them last way more and burn slower than most other major brands of cigarette. at Downsview Market and Convenience we are trying to help you by charging less than some other stores.

Downsview Market offer this brand of cigarettes in both King Size and as 100 mm cigarettes. This product is extremely white and smooth. The ultra white box cigarettes complement the brand’s other filtered styles – Full Flavour, white and white Menthol Pall Mall. They are packed as tightly as other flavours and are a long-lasting smoke like all other Pall Malls. This Cigarette is for people who want something a little lighter than Marlboros. It is also good with people that don’t like menthol. Either way you won’t be disappointed with this cigarette.


Pall Mall Special XL Smooth Cigarettes’ Success

Why is are the Pall Mall Special XL Smooth cigarettes and the Pall Mall brand so successful? because it offers a premium quality combined with filtered, smooth smoking satisfaction that lasts longer than the competition. Pall Mall Special XL Smooth cigarettes are made by one of the first brands to launch “King Sized” 85 millimeter cigarettes and 100-millimeter cigarettes.


In 2001 Pall Mall introduced the new “filtered” Pall Mall Special XL Smooth cigarettes – a cigarette with smooth, strong and pleasant taste. This new product gave smokers more value for the same amount of money and was a huge success.

This Brand has been in this industry since 1899 it is no wonder why it is so popular as it has been building trust with their customers for such a long time. it is one of the many brand that can be relied on and this specific product like most of their product is top of the line. Pall Mall is now Reynolds’ most popular cigarette, along with Newport and Camel. during the 8th month of 2012, Reynolds debuted two brand new versions of its menthol cigarette, Pall Mall Black, described as “full flavor”, and Pall Mall White, called “smoother”. The traditional menthol style is known as the Pall Mall Green.


Pall Mall Special XL Smooth Cigarette

Important Note

Downsview Market and Convenince wants you to experience the best but we should warn you that extreme doses of this is not recommended and should be avoided at all cost. This substance should not be abused and only used in small amounts spread across a long time period.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 19 years to purchase tobacco products in Ontario. We do not sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 19 years. By purchasing tobacco products from us, you are agreeing to abide by this policy and stating that you are 19 years old or older, and may indeed legally purchase tobacco products. You can learn more here

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